After the events of Revenge of A Sister, Autumn was escorted to St. John's Psychiatric Hospital in Orlando, in the beginning of 2008. In the hospital was the doctor and one in charge Dr. Perkins, his wife Nurse Katie, and three other patients. There, Autumn lost her make up and her jewelry. Many things were set to place so patients couldn't hurt themselves, for example, there was absolutely no glass except in staff designated areas. Autumn was also forced to wear a standard hospital gown. Later Officer Kevin Field arrived at the hospital to supervise and escort Autumn. Kevin was given a staff room which was much nicer than the patient rooms. The hospital had a pretty consistent schedule. For Autumn though, it was stressful. In the beginning of her stay, she was held a lot of anger and sadness and showed it. Occasionally she'd have a tantrum here and there. One of her tantrum's resulted in Dr. Perkins cutting her hair shorter. However, Autumn was able to get through and charm Kevin with her beauty. Over the rest of the winter and early spring, she and Kevin had been in an intimate and romantic relationship. They kissed, hugged, the whole nine yards, but they kept it in secret of course. However, their relationship presented Autumn with a very impacting event. One evening Dr. Perkins and Nurse Katie went out for a medical conference. They were the only one with a double bed so Autumn and Kevin went into the room and had sex in bed. They cleared out just in time when the doctor and nurse came back. Recently after, Autumn discovered she was pregnant and she and Kevin agreed it was best to keep it a secret for the time being. In the fall of that year, Autumn gave birth to a healthy boy and named him Jaryd. Doctor Perkins warned Autumn not to ever let that happen again but he did supply some basic baby care items. However, Autumn ignored the doctor's demand. Another night while the doctor and nurse were out, Kevin and Autumn had sex again. Autumn found out she was pregnant again. In late 2008 Kevin received notice form the Police Department that he was being called for Military duty in the Coast Guard and would be overseas. Kevin told Autumn he had to go. He didn't know how long he'd be gone. It could be a few months, or a few years. After leaving, Autumn was heartbroken and alone. In the spring of 2009, Autumn gave birth to a baby girl she named Jessica. Having two babies and being a single mother was a handful, but she received help from the other patients. In the beginning of 2010, Autumn was finally released. Dr. Perkins felt that there was nothing the hospital could do at this point for her and couldn't treat her further, especially with her having two babies so they had to release her back into society. Autumn went back to Annapolis, and rented the same exact apartment she had in 2007, and at last, her long hair, her make up, her jewelry, and looks were back. Autumn felt like a bird released form a cage.