Autumn and her older sister Deana were very close to each other as friends and shared a small house in Annapolis, Maryland. in 2003 Deana met Caleb Kenet, a guy who served in the US Army and formed a short girlfriend/boyfriend relationship with him. After not hearing from Caleb in a few weeks And after many attempts of calling Caleb, Deana was finally able to get him over the phone. Caleb told Deana he didn't know at all the relationship meant so much with him and that is was just over between the two of them. That night Autumn went downstairs to get a drink a witnessed Deana stabbing herself and dying. Autumn was very sad and upset. Autumn felt right then and there it was best to just try to move on. There was nothing she could've done. Four years later in 2007, Autumn had rented an apartment in Annapolis. Four years later she hadn't felt any better about Deana's suicide and felt that trying to let go was not working. Autumn knew she killed herself after Caleb's sudden breakup with her and thus Autumn convinced That Caleb was responsible and promised to herself to make his life a living hell. One warm day Autumn visited the community pool and Caleb (who is now married to a woman named Jenna and has a young daughter) was there working out. She introduced herself because she and Caleb had never met before. Autumn and Caleb had a long friendly chat but Autumn did not mention a peep about Deana, and nor did Caleb. In the end of the conversation, Autumn left with his phone number. For weeks Atuumn and Caleb had been communicating by email and made it strict that it was at a friends only level. Autumn had eventually asked Caleb Out to eat just in a friendly manner. Caleb felt that was a good idea. On that Saturday evening Autumn dressed up and met Caleb at Olive Garden. They order their food and talked a bit. After ordering food, they ordered some wine. While the wine was being served Caleb had to use the restroom. Autumn then slipped something into Caleb's drink. After having the wine Caleb had an affect almost as if he were drunk. Autumn took Caleb back to her place. together they took their clothes off and made out in bed, and slept with each other. In the early morning Caleb got up not feeling too well, and left with a lot of guilt of what had happened and just left. Autumn had secretly been recording the making out with a hidden camera and later that day, she uploaded the file onto facebook. A couple days after Caleb found out about the video and called Autumn demanding that she meet him at the downtown park right away. At the park the two argued and Caleb demanded that Autumn take the video down right away and that she never contact him again. Autumn went home and did take down the video. However, her plans had changed a bit. Caleb had called her confirming the video was gone and Atuumn told him that she must give her five thousand dollars every other day during the week, or Autumn would upload copies. On Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday Caleb came by paying Autumn five thousand dollars. The last payment was on Sunday. Caleb told Autumn he was done with her but Autumn demanded that he pay her this week as well or was going to upload copies. That week Caleb had met with the police and requested that they find out as much as they could about Autumn. The next day while Autumn was at work, two police officers (Chief Wayne Wright and Officer Kevin Field) went to Autumn's apartment and searched it. Autumn had auto logged in to her facebook and email accounts so the police went through those. They did come across the video's copies stored in file folder and permanently deleted them. When Autumn got back, she went through her stuff and knew someone had to of been through it. She looked for her videos and saw they were gone. She was so furious. She called Caleb knowing he had to be the one behind this and threatened him. She reached Caleb’s voice mail and left a message stating “You cannot get away with what you've done. You and anyone you love will pay for the poor choices you have made.” Over the next few days afterwards were usual and calm. That Saturday, Claeb called Autumn asking her to meet with him. When they met Caleb told Autumn he knew about Deana. Caleb had briefly apologized to Autumn but told her she's crazy if that's what everything was about. Caleb recommended Autumn call Deana right then and there and the three of them could meet and move on but Autumn explained in tears that Deane, had "killed herself all because of you!" And that she intended on making Caleb's life so miserable that he would reach that point Deana did. After this somewhat emotional and awkward mess, Caleb and Jenna went on Vacation for a few months. Thing were causal for Autumn. A few times she would call Caleb's cell phone to threaten him but always got a voice mail. One day she tried instead to call the home phone and an older woman explained that he was on vacation and she was looking after his daughter, Molly. Autumn felt that Caleb was trying to get rid of her and was thinking he could just move on, when she was stuck still dealing with what Caleb had done to her and her sister. Autumn went a little early one morning to Caleb’s house. She rang the doorbell. She was greeted by the nanny. They sat down and had some coffee together. They had a casual conversation for a bit. Autumn went up to go to the bathroom, but a few minutes later had returned with Molly. As she had Molly she walked out thanking the nanny and telling her she was leaving. The nanny went after Autumn trying to stop her from leaving with Molly but Autumn put Molly in the car. She went to back to the nanny. She took the nanny and tied her up to a chair in the attic. As Autumn was wrapping duct tape on the nanny’s arms, legs, and mouth, Autumn was semi talking to her. “Caleb thinks he can just go on with his life without some psychotic person trying to ruin it and live happily ever after but he won’t. No he is going to forget his wife and family and he is going to be with me to make up for everything he has done!” The nanny struggles to speak. “What’s that? He won’t leave his wife? Oh yes he will. What Caleb doesn’t realize is that while he’s on his lovely vacation enjoying it with his dear wife, I have his daughter. And when Caleb gets back he’s going to notice she’s missing and guess who the first person he suspects will be. Caleb will come to me begging for his daughter back and I will let him back in his daughter’s life only if he marries me. Then me, Molly, and Caleb will be a perfect family and he has finally paid off for what he had done to my sister. If Caleb chooses his wife then he can go back to his perfect life but I get to hold on to his daughter as my own. Autumn then got up to leave. The nanny yelled in a distorted way from the tape on her mouth “you’re crazy!” Autumn simply replied “I know I am, and I am proud of it.” She then went back to her apartment with Molly. While Molly was in Autumn's care, she treated her well and started to being to teach her the basics of walking and talking. The next week the Kenet's got back from their vacation. They freed the nanny and noticed Molly was missing. Caleb called the police and told them he suspected Autumn was behind this. The next day Caleb and Jenna decided to go to the park for some down time and they encountered Autumn. Jenna confronted her about Molly but Autumn had insulted her back. Angry, Caleb stepped in. He told him that she would get his daughter back to him and stay away from him and his family or else he would personally get a restraining order, press charges and if it came to it, get Autumn arrested.” Everyone left the park angry. Also that day the police came back and searched the apartment for Molly. They found Molly in a crib and took her down to the station. They also took Autumn down in cuffs. They returned Molly back to her parents safe and sound. The police had Caleb and Jenna come down to the station to figure out what they personally wanted to do with Autumn. After meeting for awhile after, Autumn met with Chief Wright and was told that she wasn't going to be given any real jail time or charger, but she would be sent down to a mandatory Psychiatric facility located in Orlando Florida, for at least a year and a half. Autumn was given the rest of the year to get thing together and leave her job. In the beginning of 2008, Autumn was escorted to the facility. She was stripped of her make up, jewelry, etc.and a Officer Field went to be supervision and an escort to Autumn. Autumn was more sad and angry than ever with Caleb, and still promised to herself somehow he would pay for everything he's done.